Construction of a rotary cement kiln

Construction of a rotary cement kiln

One of the examples of the kiln is the construction of a rotary cement kiln. This kiln is a large steel pipe weighing about 500 tons, which is covered with refractory bricks.

This tube or rotary furnace has a slope of 1 to 4 degrees that rotates around its axis and this tube is placed on a series of bases and its slope is from the feed side to the discharge.

Definition of Rotaty kiln

They are an integral part of the production process in various industries, including gray and white cement factories and industrial lime production. Rotary kilns are apparently hollow cylinders mounted on pedestals and rotated by pinions that transmit power to the gear around the kiln. These furnaces have both a rotational motion around the axis of the cylinder and a reciprocating motion in the direction of the axis of the furnace. Completes.
In the following, we will introduce the components of a rotary kiln.

Revolving furnace shell

It is a hollow cylinder that is placed on two to three legs with an angle between 2 to 4 percent and rotates around its axis.
The different parts of the furnace are moved to the site and connected at the installation site.
The main components of the shell: the input or inlet section, the support sections, the discharge section, the remaining sections are made with places for storage, and the enclosures are made for refractory protection.

Input section or inlet

The final part of the furnace shell ends at the inlet side with heat-resistant parts (called zigmat in factories). The zigzags extend the conical part of the furnace shell and hold the refractory together with the retaining ring. Scoop ring that is screwed to the furnace shell is used to lift the material from the sealing and return it to the furnace.

important things

  • Heat-resistant zigzags are very reliable.
  • Ziggens are easily interchangeable.
  • Very little maintenance is required.
  • They are suitable for both renovations and new installations.
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