Phase 2 of the factory of Orum Machine Sanat Peyman Gostar Company in Urmia was overhauled

Phase 2 of the factory of Orum Machine Sanat Peyman Gostar Company in Urmia was overhauled

According to ILNA, the groundbreaking ceremony of the second phase of the factory of Orum Machine Sanat Peyman Gostar Company was held in the presence of the head of the Trade Mining Industry Organization and the economic deputy governor of West Azerbaijan.

Lecture by Dr. Abbaszadeh, CEO

In this ceremony, Peyman Abbaszadeh, the managing director of Orum Machine Factory of Peyman Gostar, said in the groundbreaking ceremony of phase 2 of this factory, pointing out that phase 1 of the company has started its activity since 1992: At present, about 65 people The workforce is directly employed and 500 people are indirectly employed.

He stated that the activity of phase one of the factory started in early 1392, noting: In 1997, due to the expansion of activities and market demand, we entered huge phases in the field of manufacturing cement, gypsum and lime kilns.

Abbaszadeh, referring to the overhaul of phase 2 of Orum Machin Sanat Company, stated: Phase 2 will be overhauled in an area of ​​3,000 square meters with an investment of 500 billion rials, although this figure is estimated at more than 50 billion tomans.

Emphasizing that the investment was entirely with personal capital, he clarified: to have the opening of phase 2 as soon as possible, we have round-the-clock activities and we hope that it will be operational by the end of September and mid-October at the latest.

The manager of Orum Machine Sanat Gostar factory, stating that the next phase will be in Urmia as a production unit, reminded: Phase 2 after operation with employment of more than 1000 people directly and in the field of consulting, design and manufacture of sugar industry machines , Gypsum and lime, cement, animal feed, industrial gases, medical and edible CO2, N2 and O2 will operate.

اروم ماشین صنعت

Lecture by Dr. Babaei, President of the Industry and Mining Organization

Babaei, head of the West Azerbaijan Mining Industry and Trade Organization, said at the ceremony, referring to the naming of this year as production, support and dismantling: “There is no way for the country to progress in production other than reviving production units.”

He said that the province has been more active in the field of agriculture: “There are good craftsmen in the province who have been neglected.”

Babaei added: “There is no shortage in the province in terms of mineral resources, soil, gold and other elements for investment and employment and increase welfare and income.”

The head of the Industry, Trade and Mining Organization of West Azerbaijan noted: “Attracting investors in various sectors is one of the goals of the organization in order to create employment and boost production in the province.”

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